Make Every Bite Count

  • This report describes insights that indicate make every bite count is a communication framework for providing guidance on healthy eating.  
  • Describes Australian red meat consumption patterns within the context of dietary recommendations and national public health policy.

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Nutritional benefits of Australian red meat

This report provides guidance on providing information about the nutritional value of Australian beef, veal, lamb, mutton and goat meat, including serving size, level of trim and different types of cut.

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MLA Healthy Meals

This report shares insights on Australian meal planning behaviours and provides directions for nutrition communications in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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Last Night's Dinner

Last Night’s Dinner was the first of a series of studies that describe behaviours associated with main meal planning in the Australian diet.

This report provides detailed insights into Australians’ dinner meal.

Main Meal Repertoires

This report builds on the findings from Last Night’s Dinner, providing an understanding of how Australians’ approach main meal planning, preparing and cooking over a weekly or fortnightly period.

What's Cooking

This report explored cooking practices of Australia’s main meal preparers.