About Us

Who we are

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is an industry owned company Rural Research and Development Corporation that delivers marketing, research and development services to the Australian beef cattle, sheep and goat sectors.
The nutrition program is managed by qualified dietitians with backgrounds in public health, academic research, and communications.


What we do

  • We generate and connect data and insights about Australians’ dietary habits and red meat consumption that inform nutrition communications.
  • We produce information and resources to help Australians feel confident enjoying lean red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet.
  • We work with key stakeholders to ‘test and learn’ new ways to provide Australians with engaging and relevant information along the path to purchase.


Our funding

The MLA nutrition program is funded from:
  • Transaction levies paid on livestock sales by producers.
  • Voluntary contributions from industry partners.
  • Co-investment by Australian Government through the Rural Research and Development Corporation system.


Our approach

  • To promote consumption of lean red meat in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • To discuss red meat’s attributes of nutrition, versatility and enjoyment within the context of healthy, balanced meals.
  • To provide information to Australians in a way that enables them to make informed choices according to their personal values, needs and preferences.


Our services

  • Create practical nutrition resources for health professionals to help Australians understand how to enjoy lean red meat as part of healthy, balanced meals in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • Provide information and resources for industry stakeholders to make it easy for Australians to enjoy red meat in a variety of healthy, balanced meals.