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Australian red meat in three to four healthy, balanced meals per week

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Healthy and Sustainable Diets

Australian research shows there are two key strategies needed to achieve a sustainable diet:
  • improving production practices, including adoption of new technologies, has the greatest potential to reduce the environmental footprint of our diet; and
  • avoiding food waste by eating foods in amounts recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines
Sustainable eating is healthy eating. Eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods in amounts recommended for good health avoids the impact of food waste on the environment.

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Australian red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet

This report explains why eating amounts of lean red meat in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines meets the dual objective of human and planetary health.

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Unlocking sustainable eating

In our latest webinar, three leading experts share their perspective on sustainable eating through the lens of nutrition research (Dr Gilly Hendrie, CSIRO), consumer insights (Samantha Siva, Pollinate), and a local food system (Professor Karen Charlton, University of Wollongong).


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This health care professional communication highlights the importance of iron-rich foods for Australian women.

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Read about nutrition research supported by MLA. Data and insights generated from this research informs our nutrition communications about the role of Australian red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet.