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Australian red meat in three to four healthy, balanced meals per week

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Healthy Diet & Environment

Australian research shows two key strategies are needed to achieve a healthy and sustainable diet:
  • portion guidance in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines and
  • sustainable food production and waste reduction
We have a range of assets available about the research and implications for nutrition communications:

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Environmental impact of red meat in a healthy diet

The Report summarises key findings from research projects on Healthy Diet & Environment and explains why portion guidance in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines meets the dual objective of human and planetary health.

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Watch the webinar or listen to the podcast:

Exploring sustainable diets – environmental impact and consumer perspective

Presentations by and converstations with leading market researcher, Howard Parry-Husbands (Pollinate) and principal research scientist, Brad Riddout (CSIRO) highlight the importance of reducing food waste by avoiding overconsumption and household food waste.

Learn about MLA's nutrition research projects

Outlines nutrition research funded by MLA in key topic areas that provide directions for nutrition communications about the role of Australian red meat in a healthy and sustainable diet.

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Frequently asked questions with simple, visual explanations about Australian red meat consumption and sustainable diets, such as “How red meat production can be sustainable in Australia?” and “What is sustainable consumption of red meat?”

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To provide portion guidance of all foods, including red meat, in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines, MLA’s popular nutrition resources can be downloaded or printed copies can be ordered free of charge.