• How much meat do Australians eat?

    According the latest national nutrition survey conducted by the ABS in 2011-12, Australians eat 130g grams of meat per day, which includes beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

  • How much red meat do Australians eat?

    Of the total amount of meat consumed, 57g/day of beef, lamb and pork is consumed, defined as ‘red meat’ in the Australian Dietary Guidelines. This is just under the recommended 65g/day.

  • How much red meat is recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines?

    The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 455g/week of cooked red meat (equivalent to 650g/week raw weight) which is best eaten in 100 to 200g portions (raw weight), 3 to 4 times a week.

  • Which are the most popular meats consumed in Australia?

    The most commonly consumed fresh meats in Australia are poultry and beef, followed by lamb and then pork.

  • Do Australians eat too much red meat?

    Average red meat intake is 57g/day which is below the recommended 65g/day cooked meat.