Missed the 2017 symposium and webinar?

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This year’s symposium held on 6 April 2017 in Sydney brought together evidence for effective communications on planning, preparing and consuming healthy meals.


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Speakers and topics presented in the webinar:


What’s on the plate in Australia?
Associate Professor Anna Rangan
University of Sydney

Are red meat consumers unhealthy?
Dr Dominik Alexander
Principal Epidemiologist, Epistat, USA

“Are you talking to me? You want me to do what?”
Seeing the world as gatekeepers do
Professor Mike Reid,
RMIT University (Economics, Finance and Marketing)


Sustainable consumption – finding solutions
for health and the planet
Dr Brad Ridoutt

Active Ageing – from evidence to action
Professor Caryl Nowson
Deakin University

Nutrition information: an user-friendly approach
Ms Shari Tompsett

















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