Iron Rich Meals for Family, Baby and Toddler


Family Meal

Plan meals using lean red meat every second day for iron and zinc and alternate between meals with smaller and larger portion sizes.

How to: Use 3 or more different coloured vegetables and an iron-rich protein food.

Around 6 months of age

Around 6 months of age, it is important to start introducing babies to iron-rich foods for growth and development.

How to: Blend a portion of the family meal with enough boiled water or casserole juices to achieve the desired consistency.

From 7 months of age

From 7 months of age, provide foods that encourage babies to chew, important for speech development and to establish healthy eating habits.

How to: Fork mashed slow cooked meals are an easy solution. Or, pulse blend
a portion of the family meal with enough boiled water to achieve soft lumps.

Around 8 months of age

As baby’s hand control improves, provide soft finger foods and avoid foods which could be potential choking risks such as hard foods e.g. raw carrot, celery, apple or large round foods e.g. grapes.

How to: Cut the meat and vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Serve with
cooked pasta, bread fingers or potato wedges.