Carbohydrate foods in healthy meals

How to match carbohydrate food amounts in main meals for different physical activity levels.

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Why do we need carbohydrate?

Carbohydrate provides energy to fuel brain function and physical activity, including everyday tasks, leisure and sporting activities.
Many carbohydrate foods are also sources of dietary fibre, important for gut health, including wholegrain cereals and grains, fruit, vegetables and legumes.


How much carbohydrate food do I need?

The amount of carbohydrate food recommended in a healthy main meal will depend on your level of physical activity. You will need more carbohydrate food portions on more active than less active days.


What is a low, medium and high activity day?


Portion Size Guide

This portion size guide provides examples of amounts equivalent to one portion of carbohydrate.
Use this to work out how much you need per main meal.


Meal Ideas

Here are some meal ideas for adjusting your carbohydrate portions according to your level of activity for the day.