A Guide to Lean Cuts


Cuts that need little to no trimming

Cuts that need a little trimming

Cuts that need more trimming

Cooking Tips

For the perfect steak

• Bring steak to room temperature before cooking
• Preheat pan or BBQ to hot
• For a regular size steak, such as sirloin, cook for:
– 3 mins each side for Medium
– 2 mins each side for Rare
• Before serving, rest for 3-5mins covered loosely in foil

For a pot roast

• Pot roasts add moisture to leaner cuts such as topside
• Add vegetables and enough stock to fill the dish halfway
• Slow cook over low heat in a tightly covered dish
• Turn meat half way through cooking
• Place on a warm plate and cover loosely with foil
• Rest for 15 mins, and slice across the grain to serve